Who We Are

CTG is a software development company that builds software solutions for the Oil and Gas industry. Our strength lies in our ability to provide our solutions to any problem or situation that calls for software. We consistently deliver solutions that meets the needs in a way that all interested parties receive information to assure them that their operation is doing the right things at the right time.

Our strength emanates from our mission and values:

  • Our Mission:

    To create and market imaginative, flexible and reliable solutions that effectively enable our clients to achieve continuous and measureable improvement.

  • We Value:

    Relationships • Integrity • Excellence • Celebrating Success • Having Fun

We are a team with diverse talents that are committed to this mission and share these values.

The solutions offered by CTG have been well received throughout the world as SMART, our primary product, is
currently used on four continents – North and South America, Africa and Asia. Our clients continuously ask us
to develop new software solutions and expand the use of those solutions throughout their organizations. We
look forward to earning the same level of trust and satisfaction with you.

Our Team