Compliance Technology Group provides SMART CMS, the software solution used to manage and demonstrate compliance with all applicable regulations and corporate policies by Oil & Gas E&P companies in the GOM, South America, Africa, and Asia.

SMART Compliance Management System

SMART provides an easy to use, efficient, and cost effective solution to managing all of your compliance activities including but not limited to:

  • API RPs 14B, 14C, 14J, 75, and 90.
  • FR 20271 Vol. 75 Final Rule 7-19-2010 Flaring and Venting
  • 33 CFR 250.800-808 Subpart H – Oil and Gas Production Safety Systems
  • 33 CFR 250.1900 – 1929 Subpart S – Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS)
  • 33 CFR 140 General U.S. Coast Guard Annual Inspection.
  • 40 CFR 122 Title 40 Protection of Environment EPA standard
  • DOT, DOI, ISO 14001, and any other Federal, State or Corporate body.

SMART Compliance Management System improves compliance and safety performance by maintaining schedules and notifying users when tests or inspections are pending, assuring every compliance related activity is completed and documented on time. An escalating warning system that includes automated email notifications ensures that all appropriate team members are aware of due dates for every item.

All compliance data is stored electronically so that access is available anytime, anywhere it’s needed. Role based access and reporting provides people at every level of responsibility access to the information they need to be proactive in ensuring that each component of your operations stays in compliance.

SMART oil and gas software is configured the way you want it to work for your organization. There are many ways to accomplish the same objectives, and with SMART, you choose how you want to do things. Client Steering Teams comprised of CTG and Client representatives provide the forum for clients to determine how SMART oil and gas exploration software is implemented while add-on modules provide the flexibility to select all or part of SMART to meet your needs on your schedule. If there is anything else you need added to SMART, CTG will work with you to develop a solution.

SMART lets you work the way your operating environment requires. SMART is successful in the GOM, both on the Outer Continental Shelf and in Deepwater, as well as in multiple international regulatory environments, because it is flexible enough to meet all of the unique challenges and requirements.

Originally built for OCS platforms, Compliance Technology Group learned early that while all operators are subject to the same regulatory requirements, each operating company has its own policies and procedures, or its own way of doing business. Whether it’s a loop operation, manned platforms, single well Caissons, or a fully developed field with connected platforms, satellite structures, and an array of pipelines, SMART is flexible enough to meet the needs of any organization.

Deep water facilities present unique challenges as new technologies and testing requirements are incorporated into Deep Water Operations Plans. Unparalleled flexibility accomplished through SMART’s easy configuration has resulted in SMART being used on every type of deep water facility including Spars, TLPs, and even FPSOs.

Each country has its own regulatory environment. The ability to configure the rules, validations, and testing frequencies based on local requirements allows SMART to be used successfully anywhere around the globe.

One easy to use repository of information to manage and monitor both regulatory compliance and corporate policy providing a reliable method of oversight; that’s SMART.


  • Operator “Dashboards” provide a complete picture of the current compliance status of their platform.
  • Dashboards include links to appropriate worksheets where test results and other required compliance activities are documented.
  • Escalating warning system provides advanced notice appropriate to the activity so that users and management can take appropriate action
  • Configurable automated email system communicates the right information to the right people.
  • “Quick Fill” functionality to reduce data entry so operators spend less time doing paperwork and more time performing compliance testing and inspections.
  • Worksheet “filters” that allow operators to build testing or inspection worksheets for all equipment or any combination of equipment allowing operators to schedule and conduct testing based on needs
  • Reports that demonstrate compliance to BSEE or other regulators
  • Reports for management that allow proactive compliance management and governance

People responsible for managing compliance having the tools and information they need to enable a proactive approach to compliance management, that’s SMART.


  • A single process for all compliance activities enables easier knowledge transfer reducing training time for new operators or those moving to new facilities
  • Everything is data and is available for reporting and mining for decision support
  • Eliminates data silos
  • Flexibility allows for the appropriate level of information collection to occur for each inspection or facility
  • Drives business processes through systemization
  • Role based user interfaces provide limited access to users who only perform limited activities
  • Proven, approved system for BSEE e-inspections
  • Add-on modules sold separately to allow flexibility in your implementation

Having a system that works for you. It does what it is supposed to do, and can be configured to do it the way you want, That’s SMART.

SMART CMS consists of a base package of SMART 14C, SMART Plus, and SMART Files. Add-ons are separate modules that can be added to gain access to additional functionality.