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      Are You In Compliance Now?

In the Past, when it came time for their annual MMS inspection, operators did not know if their platform was in compliance with all of the regulations, they worried and hoped. Those days are over!

In the past, operators waited until the results were in to learn whether their compliance performance improved over previous years. Those days are over!

Our customers can always answer the question, can you?

Compliance Technology Group provides the products and services that provide offshore operators with the information they need, when they need it.

SMART software provides operators with real-time reporting functionality that tells both management and field personnel what is needed to keep platforms in compliance.

We provide Compliance Specialists that perform pre-inspection platform walk downs and paperwork audits that tell you how you will do on your inspections.

Compliance Technology Group provides solutions for offshore operators, and we are ready to help solve your compliance issues as well. Our customer list includes 2 of the 3 2005 National Safe Award winners as well as 9 out of the 12 finalists. Our customersí results speak for our performance.

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Our clients want a compliance management system that is easy to learn and easy to use. They want a tool that letís them see how each platform is performing, as well as how the organization as a whole is performing. They want a solution that makes sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Basically, they want software that makes it easy to stay in compliance and to avoid paperwork INCS. CTG developed SMART to provide our clients solutions! more...


Our Clients want services. They want our Compliance Specialists to assist them in assessing their Subpart ďOĒ compliance and their operatorís competency levels. They want their platforms assessed prior to their annual inspections so that their performance improves. They want their compliance paperwork to match their P&IDs and their P&IDís to match the platform.more...

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